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We can now stamp your plates with all of your original information.

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WWII - World War Two Vehicles

M-Series / Post WWII Vehicles

Original Plates To Be Verified

Pricing and inventory levels are not up to date. Please call 309-696-7080 for current information.

Company Profile

We have a passion for MVs and the history they contain. I also wish to assist in making your restoration a success. This has developed into building a vast inventory of data plates for most every MV made and most certainly US M-series vehicles. I have over 800 different data plates available, with that list growing with every opportunity. If you are the only guy restoring a GOER or a M59 APC I will and do have plates for these vehicles. It may take 10 years to make my money back on some of the slower volume plates, but to me that is not the point. Having this stuff available to the collector or museum is part of saving the history. My desire is to supply your needs with such good service that mvdataplates.com will be the only place to buy your data plates.

Profits from plates sales are used to update and increase our inventory. So help me help you.

Don't see what you want?

We can make any plate you need. (email for pricing). Special plates cost between $50.00 to $150.00 depending on size, detail, complexity, and construction material. Any plates for M-series and WWII vehicle that is in any decent number in collector hands will be duplicated. This is a costly process and will take some time.

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