M-1-4    -    1/2 ton, 4x4, Cargo truck

M-2-4    -    1 ton, 4x4, Cargo truck

M-3-4    -    1.5 ton, 4x4 (duals) Cargo, & Special body truck

M-5-6    -    2.5 ton, 6x6, Cargo Truck

M-5-H6    -    2.5 ton, 6x6, Dump Truck

International plates are a long way off. I do have good samples but I will welcome detailed pictures of any originals you may have. 




Description Ordnance Number Price





Pricing and inventory levels are not up to date. Please call 1-855-332-0500 for current information.


NAATT = Not Available At This Time    SA = Screened Aluminum    S = Sticker    D = Decal   EB = Etched Brass   EA = Etched Aluminum   CAST = Literally cast in a mold    NOS = New Old Stock or surplus    R = Reproduction

Example: EBNOS = Etched Brass New Old Stock  or  CASTR = CAST Reproduction

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