M35 series sets are finally available!!! After many months of wanting and wishing they are finally almost done. Below is a list of the different level sets you can get.

The sets are available as stated below. Any "add on sets" are at that price only when buying a full "cab set". No substitutions or deletions to get a better price. The pricing on this page is stand alone. If you do want a separate single plate it will need to be purchased at normal price. The only reason I am being sticky about this is the sets will be prepackaged and ready to ship, and separating and or taking this out, and adding that in, will be a pain, and delay orders.

All sets come with related screws or drive rivets.

In Cab Set:

M35A2 Series With Winch, you chose your Weight & Dimension plate to match your truck.

M35A2 Series With Out Winch, you chose your Weight & Dimension plate to match your truck.

1 - Shifting & Speeds (SANOS)

1 - Buzzer operation OR Buzzer operation With Winch (EAR)

1 - Engine Preheater / Air cleaner (SANOS)

1 - OFF / ON (Round plate not 100% correct for M35) (SANOS)


1 - Air shift switch (SANOS)

1 - Weight & Dimension Data (you need to chose from available plates) (SANOS)

1 - Servicing Data Multifuel (EAR)

1 - Responsible Agency (EAR)



Sticker - Add On

1 - Silicone Brake Fluid (SNOS)

1 - Warning NBC Exposure (SNOS)

1 - Hearing Protection Required (SNOS)

1 - Use of seat belts mandatory (SNOS)

1 - Tachometer Warning Arrow (SNOS)

$ 11.50


Winch - Add On

1 - Winch SN and Rating (SANOS)

1 - Winch Caution Drum Lock (EAR)

1 - Winch Do Not Force Clutch Lever (EAR)

1 - Winch lever (on floor of cab) (EAR)

$22.50 - (these will be a back order item till the end of November, The more people that buy these ahead of time the sooner I will have them done!!)


Drop Side - Add On

2 - Dropside info for sides (EAR)

1 - Dropside info for tailgate (EAR)



Turbo - Add On

1 - Idle engine 5 min (you chose black or yellow) (SANOS)


Pricing and inventory levels are not up to date. Please call 1-855-332-0500 for current information.


NAATT = Not Available At This Time    SA = Screened Aluminum    S = Sticker    D = Decal   EB = Etched Brass   EA = Etched Aluminum   CAST = Literally cast in a mold    NOS = New Old Stock or surplus    R = Reproduction

Example: EBNOS = Etched Brass New Old Stock  or  CASTR = CAST Reproduction

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