This page is pictures of plates that are original but need verification on whether they are original to the period the vehicle was made, or they are post production military reproductions or add on plates. This is the most important page on the site. This is were I verify originals and insure that the plates being made are CORRECT and not just close.  Please feel free to email me pictures of your original data plates as I keep an archive of originals, and I am always looking for more original samples. Click on links below 

M29 Series Weasel 

Half Track


Variations in plates that have the same Ordnance part number

As an example of the of "what is correct?". Below is a sample of Responsible Agency plates. Many have the same Ordnance part number but are very different in appearance.

Responsible Agency U.S. ARMY U.S. ARMY (Version 1) - EANOS

      Ordnance Part Number 7979373

Responsible Agency "Open" - "Open" (U.S. Property) (Version 2) - SANOS 

     Ordnance Part Number 7979373

Responsible Agency "Open" - "Open" (U.S. Military Property) (Version 3) - SANOS

     Ordnance Part Number 7979373


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NAATT = Not Available At This Time    SA = Screened Aluminum    S = Sticker    D = Decal   EB = Etched Brass   EA = Etched Aluminum   CAST = Literally cast in a mold    NOS = New Old Stock or surplus    R = Reproduction

Example: EBNOS = Etched Brass New Old Stock  or  CASTR = CAST Reproduction

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