1/4 ton Wheeled


M38A1 Series

M151 Series "MUTT"

M422 Series "Mighty Mite"

1/2 ton Wheeled

M274 Series "Mule"

3/4 ton Wheeled

M37 Series

5/4 ton Wheeled

M715 Series

M561 Series "Gama Goat"

M880 Series

M1008 Series "CUCV"

M998 Series "HUMMWV"

2 1/2 ton Wheeled

M211 / M135 Series

M35 Series Deuce & a Half

5 ton Wheeled

M54 Series

M800 Series

M900 Series

Other Tactical Trucks

Misc. Other Wheeled Trucks

Armored Vehicles

Armored Personnel Carriers


Self Propelled Guns

Armored & Tracked Misc.

Wheeled Armor


Hand Cart to 3/4 Ton

M101 3/4 Ton Series

Anything above 3/4 Ton but not Semi

Semi Trailers

Container Transporters & Trailers Misc.

Misc. Military Vehicles & Equipment

Miscellaneous Wheeled Vehicles

Miscellaneous Tracked Vehicles

Artillery - Towed

Optics & Related Equipment

Generators & Components - AC units - Various Equipment

Weapons & Related

Engines, Transmissions, Etc. - Rebuild info - Containers

Vehicle Components - Electrical

Radios & Related Equipment

Containers, Shelters & Related

Generic Plates That Can Go On Anything

Unidentified Mystery Plates 

Canadian Military Vehicles - US Design




Pricing and inventory levels are not up to date. Please call 1-855-332-0500 for current information.


NAATT = Not Available At This Time    SA = Screened Aluminum    S = Sticker    D = Decal   EB = Etched Brass   EA = Etched Aluminum   CAST = Literally cast in a mold    NOS = New Old Stock or surplus    R = Reproduction

Example: EBNOS = Etched Brass New Old Stock  or  CASTR = CAST Reproduction

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